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For free visa eligibility assessments, we assess if we can represent you for your visa application. No immigration advice will be provided in this free eligibility assessment. If you are neither employed nor secured a job offer from a New Zealand employer, we cannot assess your eligibility for a visa. 

We offer immigration advice only service at $230+GST/hour and provide our bank details for advanced payment. 

Once your payment has been confirmed at our end, we will get in touch with you to set a meeting day and time mutually agreeable. 

You will not be charged without prior notice and advice will be given once your payment has been confirmed in our end. 

After using our immigration advisory service, the fee ( $230+GST) will be deducted from our fee if you have signed and paid for our contract for representation service within 2 weeks of the immigration advisory service.   

30% of the cancellation fee will apply when you cancel paid consultation services more than 36 hours of the proposed consultation time and a 100% cancellation fee for cancellations made within 36 hours of consultation time. 

(one change is permitted) 

Our visa representation services are provided by a New Zealand government-licensed immigration adviser (full licence) who will take your case from the beginning to the end. 

We are busy helping our clients with 100 % commitment. Depending on our caseload, we may ask you to wait for some time before starting to represent you. 

We may not return your query based on the information you have provided in the questionnaire. 

Immigration advice?

29. Would you have to have immigration advice? Consultation is for up to one hour and the fee is $230+GST

I declare that I have provided true and correct answers to the questions in this form. I also understand that NZVP reserves the right to refuse visa eligibility assessment services.
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