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Visitor Evaluation Form 旅游签证评估表

Full Name

Personal Information 个人信息

1. Surname 姓 *

2. Given Name 名 *

3. Gender 性别

4. Date of Birth 出生日期 *

5. Which City/Country are you currently residing? 您当前所在城市/国家? *

6. When do you want to visit New Zealand? 您打算什么时候前往新西兰?

7. For how long? 停留多久? *

8. What is the purpose of your visit? 您此行的目的是什么? *

9. Are you travelling with other? If yes, please list their relationship with you 您和别人一起旅行吗?如果是,请列出他们与您的关系

10. Contact Number 联系电话 *

11. Email 邮箱 *

12. Marital status 婚姻状况 *

13. If you have any contact person in New Zealand, please give their name and your relationship 如果您在新西兰有任何联络人,请提供他们的姓名及他们与您的关系

14. NZ contact person's phone number 新西兰联络人的电话号码

15. NZ contact person's visa status 新西兰联络人的签证情况

16. NZ contact person's address 新西兰联络人的地址

Financial Background 财务状况

17. Are you sponsored by anyone for this trip? 您此次行程有受任何人资助吗? *

18. If yes, please provide your relationship with the sponsor 如果“有”,请提供您与该资助人的关系

19. Do you have any deposit in your bank account? 您在有任何银行存款吗? *

20. If yes, how much (please give approximate amount for assessment purpose only) 如果有,是多少?(请给出近似数值即可,以供评估)

21. Do you have any property under your name? 在您名下有无任何财产? *

22. If yes, how many properties are under your name? 如有,在您名下有多少财产?

23. Are you a holder of APEC card? 您是APEC卡持有人吗?

24. What kind of income do you earn? 您的收入来源? *

Work Experience 工作经历

25. Company Name 公司名称

26. Your Position 您的职位

27. Commence Date 开始日期

28. End Date 结束日期

29. If required, can you provide following documents to support your work experience? Please tick the box if yes. 如有可能,您是否能够提供以下文件来支持您的工作经验?如果是,请在对应方框中打勾

If you have more than one employment in the past, please click the + button above to list each of them.


Travel History 旅行史

30. Please list all the countries you have visited in the past 请列出您曾经到访过的所有国家 *

31. Have you applied for any NZ visa in the past? If yes, please give details (type of visa and the time) 您过去是否曾申请过任何NZ签证?如果是,请提供详细信息(签证类型和时间)

Health 健康

32. Do you have tuberculosis? 您是否患有肺结核? *

33. Do you have any medical condition that requires, or may require, renal dialysis during your stay in New Zealand? 您在新西兰停留期间是否有需要或可能需要进行肾透析的医疗状况? *

34. Do you have any medical condition that requires, or may require, hospital care during your stay in New Zealand? 您在新西兰停留期间是否有需要或可能需要医院护理的医疗状况? *

35. Do you have any medical condition that requires, or may require, residential care during your stay in New Zealand? 您在新西兰逗留期间是否有需要或可能需要家庭护理的医疗状况? *

36. Are you pregnant? 您是否怀孕? *

Character 品格

37. Have you ever been convicted at any time of any offence, including any driving offence? 您是否曾在任何时候被定罪,包括任何交通违法行为? *

38. Have you ever been removed from deported from expelled from excluded from or refused entry to, any country, including New Zealand? 您是否曾经从包括新西兰在内的任何国家/地区被遣返,驱逐,排斥或拒绝入境? *

39. In any country, including New Zealand, are you currently under investigation, wanted for questioning, or facing charges for any offence? 在包括新西兰在内的任何国家/地区中,您目前是否正在接受调查,或被怀疑接受讯问或面临任何犯罪指控? *

40. Have you ever been refused a visa by any country, including New Zealand? 您是否曾被任何国家(包括新西兰)拒签过? *

Declaration 声明

41. I hereby declare that the information given by me in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.I understand and agree that any false information, misrepresentation, or omission of facts in this application and the application process may be justification for refusal/ decline.I further understand and agree that all information furnished in this application and the application process may be verified as may be necessary. 我特此声明,我在本表格中提供的信息是真实和正确的。我理解并同意,在本表格和整个申请过程中所提供的任何虚假信息,虚假陈述或遗漏事实均可能成为申请被拒绝的原因。我进一步理解并同意在必要时可以查核本表格和申请过程中提供的所有信息。 *

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