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326 New North Road, Kingsland



09 3772233

Evaluation Form for Accredited Employer 雇主认证评估

Full Name

Business Details 企业基本信息

1. Business name 企业名称

2. Contact person name 联系人姓名

3. Contact person’s position 联系人职务

4. Contact phone number 联系电话

5. Contact email 邮箱

Business Background 企业背景

6. Have you registered a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) for this business? 贵公司已注册并有New Zealand Business Number (NZBN)?

7. Have you registered as employer with IRD? 贵公司是否已在IRD注册并有雇主的IRD号码?

8. How many staff does the business have (including the owner)? 包括雇主,目前有多少员工

9. How many current staff are not NZ citizens or residents? 目前有多少员工不是本地居民?

10. Have you at any time, supported people for work/residence visa? 贵公司是否曾担保过任何人签证(包括工签或移民)?

11. Do you have job vacancies and plan to support the staff for a work visa in the next 6-12 months? 接下来的6-12个月内,贵公司是否有意向担保员工签证?

12. Does your business have written HR police in place? 贵公司是否有书面的HR政策?

13. Have you taken any actions to let your staff know their employment rights? 贵公司是否采取行动告知员工他们的就业权益?

14. Does the business provide written information to help migrants settle in New Zealand? 贵公司是否提供书面信息帮助员工了解并定居新西兰?

15. Has your business been found to be in breach of New Zealand employment or labour law, or are they currently under investigation? 贵公司是否曾被发现违反了新西兰就业或劳动法,或正在接受相关调查?

16. Has your organisation ever been found to be in breach of the provisions of the Immigration Act 2009 or the Immigration Act 1987, or are they currently under investigation for breach of these provisions ? 贵公司是否曾被发现违反了移民法,或正在接受相关调查?

17. Have the directors or managers of your organisation ever been investigated by the Serious Fraud Office or the New Zealand Police for any offences arising during, or resulting from, business dealings? 贵公司董事或经理是否曾因商业诈骗等行为而被调查?

18. Have any of the directors of your business ever been declared bankrupt?贵公司任何董事是否曾被宣布破产?

If the business is likely to have vacancies from July 2022,what roles are you hoping to fill? 待招岗位信息

You may click the + sign above to provide more role's details

可点击上面+号 添加更多待招岗位信息

19. Job Title 职位名称

20. Salary Range 薪资范围

21. How many staff required to fill in this role? 这个岗位计划招几个人?

I hereby declare that the information given by me in this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.I understand and agree that any false information, misrepresentation, or omission of facts in this application and the application process may be justification for refusal/ decline.I further understand and agree that all information furnished in this application and the application process may be verified as may be necessary.
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